Farm to Table

What Is Farm to Table?

Though a national market of food production and distribution is critical to meeting the needs of the American population, the “farm to table” movement yields great benefits for both consumers and producers. “Farm to table” is a growing trend that refers to the consumption of locally-grown food or food that travels the shortest distance from the farm to the table.  Purchasing locally-grown fresh produce is an opportunity for community residents to interact with their local farmers and support their local economy.  Here in Florida, it’s easy to support the “farm to table” movement. The state’s year-round growing season yields fresh options every month. With nearly 300 commodities produced in Florida, our growers offer a wide variety of ingredients to choose.

*By Adam H. Putnam, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesFor more information visit: Fresh From Florida.


UF/ IFAS Extension Farm to Table Programs

       Spudtacular Taters

       Pumpkin Power and Heavenly Honey Workshop